Jeffrey Allen Price

Potato Excuses

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Potato Excuses


Potato Excuses #1 -

“My Plate is Full”" and
Potato Excuses #2 -

"I've Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew"


By Jeffrey Allen Price, DVD Edition of 50, 2004    (00:51)

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  • Potatoes in Cinema

    Video showing Potatoes in Cinema. Includes clips of potato scenes from the following movies: Sex Lives of the Potato Men The Shining Toy Story Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers) Sling Blade Bachelor Party Jabberwocky The Sunshine Boys The Seven Year Itch Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Empire of the Sun Faith Like Potatoes

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, 2010    (09:43)

  • Potatoes on the Radio

    Potatoes on the Radio video. Includes photos of potato-related artifacts in the collection of Jeffrey Allen Price and The Potato Museum, with clips from the following songs: One Potato, The Elite All That Meat and No Potatoes, Fats Waller Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Potato Chips, Slim Gaillard Milk Shake and Potato Chips, Bob Marley and The Wailers Diggin' My Potatoes, Lead Belly Mashed Potato Time, Dee Dee Sharp Potato Song, Cheryl Wheeler Fried Potatoes, Maddox Brothers and Rose.

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, 2010    (02:04)

  • Gallery Installation Time-Lapse

    Time-lapse footage of Jeffrey Allen Price and J.A.P. Studio crew installing Absorption Modules 8 x 28, at Omni Gallery in January 2010. The installation is on view January 10 - May 14, 2010 at Omni Gallery in Uniondale, NY.

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, 2010    (03:07)

  • Bonus Interview 1

    A few short bonus interview clips from 2008 interview. J.A.P. explains his position as a Potato Keeper, demonstrates how to make a Potato Venus, shares his new Potato Antenna Cowboy Hat, and talks about how Potato Art operates within a wide Conceptual Art spectrum.

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, 2009    (02:19)

  • Potato Music

    Clip from an interview with Potato Musician Jeffrey Allen Price discussing some of his favorite Potato Songs. Features a short clip of God Potato putting a Potato Punk Rock twist on Neil Young's classic song, T-Bone. "Got Mashed Potato/Ain't Got No T-Bone".

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, YEAR    (01:58)

  • Various Old Potatos

    Artist Jeffrey Allen Price shares of a few of his Potato Sculptures during an interview in his NY studio. Explains how he cultivates and carves potatoes. (Begins with footage of Price diving on a frog effigy made from baked potatoes during Think Potato Festival III.)

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, 2009    (01:59)

  • Carving Jay Leno Potato

    J.A.P. demonstrates his ability to free an image of Jay Leno from a potato. (Ends up carving two). Features background music of Tater County playing a cover of the Kinks "Hot Potatoes".

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, 2009    (03:32)

  • Potato Artists on TV, Rotterdam

    This television news segment features interviews with Jeffrey Allen Price (in English) and Michiel Brink (in Dutch). This was a story about Aardappelasiel (Potato Asylum) a collaborative potato-themed exhibition installation by Price and Brink at HogeDRUKgebied gallery in the Oud Charlois district of Rotterdam. The background song, “THINK POTATO” was written and recorded by Michiel Brink and de Aardappeleters (The Potato Eaters) as a tribute to Jeffrey Price and his THINK POTATO concept, 2003.

    Produced by Cineac Charlois, 2005    (03:56)

  • Potato Excuses

    Potato Excuses #1-“My Plate is Full”"
    Potato Excuses #2-"I've Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew"

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, DVD Edition of 50, 2004    (00:51)

  • Think Potato Sampler

    Montage of Potato-themed events and performances from Jeffrey Allen Price 1996-2003. J.A.P. and the Blues Spuds band cover Neil Young's "T-bone" (Got mashed potatoes/ain't got no t-bone). Features segments include:

    "Potato Gun Shot from 5 Feet", 2003 "I Like Potato and Potato Likes Me", 2003
    "Potato Stratego", 2003 "POTATOLAB", 2002 "Emergency PotatoFete", 2001
    "Think Potato Festivals II and III, 1998-99" and more.

    By Jeffrey Allen Price, 2003    (04:29)

  • Potato Artist - Food Network

    Feature segment on the Spud's Unwrapped Show of Potato Artist, Jeffrey Allen Price. Includes an interview with the artist, installation images and scenes from his performance "Emergency PotatoFete", September 2001.

    Produced by the Unwrapped Show on the Food Network, 2001    (03:45)