Jeffrey Allen Price

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Rustagrams in Chicago

Featured Work

Rustagrams in Chicago

Rustagrams and Absorption Modules in Beautiful Decay exhibition at Chicago Art Source Read more.


Potato Project Room

More Featured Work

Unpacking My Potato Collection

Unpacking 20 years of Potato Artifacts at Islip Art Museum.
Read more about J.A.P.'s Potato Collection.


Long Island Landscape

More Featured Work

Long Island Landscape

Long Island Landscape was an Earthwork installed in the backyard of Gallery North... Explore more about the work


15 Years of Accumulation

More Featured Work

15 Years of Accumulation

Projects of Accumulation by Jeffrey Allen Price Read more about 15 years of Accumulation.


9 Broken Obelisks at IAM

Recent Work

9 Broken Obelisks with Brain Sand

Site-Specific Installation for Shock-U-Mentaries exhibition at Islip Art Museum. For More Information Click Here.


Hubble at Stony Brook

More Recent Work


"Hubble: Installation of Rustagrams, Enolograms and Absorption Modules," 2013 For More Information Click Here.


History of Modern Art

Artifact of the Month

untitled (History of Modern Art)

“History of Modern Art with Self-Portrait,” ca. 2007. Pen and marker on paper.
More photos and details.


Encaustic Palimpsest

More from the Archives

Palimsest with Wax

“untitled (Palimpsest),” ca. 2001. encaustic, ink and marker on paper.
More photos and details.