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Gross Domestic Products

Monday, September 08, 2008


This week's Featured Work is the 'Absorption Modules' series by Jeffrey Allen Price. A new installation featuring 'AbMods' is now on display at Omni Gallery in Uniondale, NY through May 14, 2010. See more images and read more about the installation.

GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCTS: 50 New Drawings and Paintings: A Solo Exhibition, Sept. 8~30,2008
Category: Art and Photography
A Solo Exhibition:
50 New Drawings and Paintings
by Jeffrey Allen Price

September 8~30

Gallery Talk with Artist:
September 16, 11am-12pm
Closing Reception:
September 25, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Briarcliffe College, Library Gallery
1055 Stewart Ave
Bethpage, NY 11714

Other Current Shows featuring works by Jeffrey Allen Price:
Faculty Exhibition, Firehouse Gallery-Nassau County College, Garden City, NY (thru October 1)
Faculty Exhibition, Maurice N. Flecker Gallery-Suffolk County Community College, Ammerman Campus (thru October 1)

Upcoming Shows featuring works by Jeffrey Allen Price:
Emerging Artists, SB5, Gallery North-Setauket, NY (October 5-28)
New Works, Studio 405, Springfield, MO (December 5-29)

(Excerpt from) Artist Statement

"The series presents one-of-a-kind pictures based on mass-produced consumer goods. I love the contradictions inherent in the double meaning of this phrase--Gross Domestic Products. GDP functions simultaneously as a term for measuring the economic size of a country, while doubling as a disparaging description of the products themselves, complicating the reading of these images.

I am not only interested in the look of the packaging of certain products ... but also how drawing these products reveals certain autobiographical particulars about my life, creating an indirect portrait of myself. The series as a whole betrays intimate information such as my diet, the kind (and number) of pets that I have, and even my geographic location can be deduced from certain brand labels. Other habits, preferences and details are also revealed..."

~Jeffrey Allen Price

I Never Get Tired of Saying Potato in Australia

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am pleased to announce my participation in an International Potato Art Exhibition in Sydney, Australia--The Humble Spud! This is an official Year of the Potato event.

I Never Get Tired of Saying Potato
by Jeffrey Allen Price
Video Installation with potatoes (one hour video performance repeating the word "potato")
English Version, 2008

Also, Jeffrey Allen Price has contributed: POTATO RADIO: 200+ Potato Tributes (found)
in music, and a new Potato T-shirt Design from THINK POTATO CO.--"Thank Potato"

The Humble Spud! - Art in the Park, Sunday 4 May, 11am - 4pm
Maundrell Park Petersham (cnr Stanmore Rd and Hopetoun St).

Presented by Marrickville Council. Curator: Brendan Penzer. An outdoor exhibition inspired by the potato. Artists from Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, New York, London and Paris.
Exhibiting Artists: Ernest Aaron, Eric Bartholomew (US), Pamela Brenner, Gilbert Grace, Thomas Guichard (FRA), Shiela Hale (US) & Brendan Penzer, Amanda Hills, Lucy Kippin (UK), Peter McGuiness, Kitty Owens, Jeffrey Allen Price (US), Rosalyn Pursey, Lou Steer & Brian Martin
The event has been extensively covered by the media, so hopefully you can experience more:
ABC 702 (breakfast - Adam Spencer)
The Glebe--Front Page (4/29)
SMH Weekend (The Planner)
Sun Herald (Hot Tickets) MX
ABC Online (interview with Martin Corben)

There is a catalog available.

For further information go to:
The Humble Spud Blogspot

For more pics, look in the Potato Works folder in my profile.

Potato Fetish

Artifact of the Week

Potato Fetish

This month's Artifact is 'Potato Fetish', a work by J.A.P. made from a real potato, pierced with stripped screws, bent nails and various old hardware. Last exhibited during ProcessProcessProcess: Recent Configurations, at York College in 2009.
More photos and details.